The crooked little man

took a crooked step

along the crooked walk,

he took a ragged breath 

and then began to talk.

Occasional Whimsy/#SoCS

  Ocular interpretation bowing to imagination, floating off in pastel hue of sunset pink and ocean blue, magically against the light, pure occipital delight! With each breath, anticipation, to honor this new occupation!  Sighing, flying, giggling me to think such play would set me free till fun o’clock comes to an end with deadly kisses…

Enchanted Woodland Trail/#ThursdayDoors

One of the best parts about moving to a new city is exploring the parks and wildlife areas nearby.  We had a chance to do this recently at the Chatahoochie Nature Center.  It was frigid cold but we warmed up quickly as the sun rose high in the sky and filtered down through the beautiful woodland…

Let It Sn…nooooo….#OneLinerWednesday #JusJoJan

  Let it snow Oh no! Not again oh when will Winter end?     Let it snow, Let it go, I don’t know, time to chill, guess I will wait and see what will be.     Let it snow, nowhere to go, office closed, I suppose It could be good for me. Let…

Remembering a Voice of Truth

  A voice of reason, truth and love, defying the cold face of fear manifest as hate and indifference- with strength, rising against the tide of separatism to illuminate the hope of a united humanity, a world without judgment, pride, prejudice or ignorance. In every decade, a voice to rise above the din of anger…

Sacred Sunday/Here Comes the Sun

So good to see your glowing face after so many gray days. I had another song in mind for today’s post; but as I was creating the reality of appreciation for its presence this song came on my Pandora-a sure sign another Creator had a suggestion. I hope the ice is melting wherever you are….

Shines to Bless…#SoCS #JusJoJan

“Oh star of hope that shines to bless the Wanderer through life’s wilderness! Angels of Love-are ye come to lead the weary Wanderer home?”

Welcome to the Dream

Well, for those of you following me from My Tropical Affair site thanks so much for joining me on this new journey; and for anyone stopping in for the first time, I am so happy to meet you.